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Sensei Amjid Hussain 5th Dan

Sensei Amjid Hussain was born in Steeton, in 1980 and started training in the art of Shokukai karate at the age of 9 “I only took up the sport to prove I was better then my older brother” who had started Karate along with Sensei Amjids father. Sensei Amjid and his father went on to achieve their black belts with SKU, training under Sensei

Mo Ilyas 8th Dan.

“In 1991 I competed in my first tournament at the SKU nationals, winning my first medals in Kumite and Kata. From that point onwards competing became obsession and I wanted to become the best in local, national and International level. I had great success winning many medals as well making many friends on the way.”

During my karate career I have attended numerous seminars from famous instructors such as Wayne Otto and Ticky Donovan. I currently hold the 5th Dan black in the ranks of SKU and still striving for perfection of technique and character while inspiring students to do the same.

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Sensei Dave Roberts 5th Dan

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting" or so it felt in the early 70’s and I was keen to have a piece of the action. In those early days I remember being desperate to know "how long it took to get to black belt"? Well, the answer in my case was over 30 years! However, for over a quarter of the 20th century I took a 'holiday from martial arts' before being able to return to the unfinished business from my youth in the new Millennium.


Karate was a bit brutal in those days a far cry from the more "sports" orientated inclusive activity it is now. I find modern karate an engaging and sustainable past time for both the body and soul.

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Sensei Khuram Ilyas 4th Dan

Khuram’s father Sensei Mo Ilyas began karate over 45 years ago when he was searching for a sport that incorporated both his physical and mental endurance. This passion followed onto the next generation when Sensei Khuram Ilyas began karate at age 6. He soon went on to win multiple national championships including the English and British Open championships. By age 17 Khuram was selected to represent England at the

European Champions after a rigorous selection process.

Sensei Khuram began teaching Karate in 2008 in Sheffield whilst studying. He soon relocated after graduating from University and began teaching in Bradford & Bingley. Due to the demand and success, the classes expanded onto further locations and classes.

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