Karate does not have any styles. It simply moulds an individual to be an object of defence or offence.
Toyama Kanken [1888 - 1966]

brief history

Where Shukokai Began

In 1968 Sensei Tani and Senei Kimura brought the Karate style of Shukokai Karate all the way from Japan to England. Shukokai Karate has developed over years of continual refinement to enable delivery of the greatest impact with the least amount of effort.

Karate is a sport for life that encompasses a full body and mind fitness programme, allowing you to learn self-defence, gain confidence, respect, focus and much more.


About us

Three Senior Shukokai instructors, who between them have a combined 100+
years Karate experience, founded the Shukokai-Karate.Organisation (SKO) in
2020. They have a commitment to preserve the traditional Shukokai style and
its Shito-ryu origins. All SKO instructors have been trained under the watchful eye of Sensei Mo Ilyas - 8th Dan



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Khuram Ilyas
4th Dan
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Amjid Hussain
5th Dan
Sensei Dave Roberts


dave Roberts
5th Dan


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